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  1. Hello! Welcome to codebin.org.
  3. Are you looking for a rad and super clean place to post your code? You've come to the right place. You know what PasteBin is, right? Well, same thing, except for mostly code. All sorts of code.  of hundreds of different languages to choose from!  Check out the list in the language box. Lots to choose from!  There are no fancy options available to get in the way though, such as logging in via Facebook or Twitter. No logging in at all! Here's how it works:
  5. Fill out your name in the first box. If you don't add a name, one will be randomly generated for you.
  6. Add a title to your paste. It will be easier to search for it that way!
  7. Select the language of your code, or just use plain text.
  8. Want a short URL? Check that box next.
  9. Don't want your paste showing up in public? Check that private box!
  10. How long should we keep your paste? Pick that too. Keep it here forever, if you want, it's fine!
  11. Hit that  create button and you're good to go! A randomly generated URL will be provided to you, and you can share that with your friends for easy viewing. People can also reply to your pastes as well It's easy!
  13. Want to have a post removed? Shoot an email over to remove@codebin.org with the URL and we'll check it out.
  15. Codebin is a spawn of stikked by claudehohl, available at https://github.com/claudehohl/Stikked/.
  17. Got questions? Check out codebin.org/about or just click on the 'about' button at the top of the page.

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